2.3. Map menu

A map is the background picture of your simulation that will be visible when you decide it. This picture can be anything. it can be a picture that represents a map area, an office or any design that corresponds to the purpose of your simulation.

To add a map, go on the ‘map’ menu, click on the ‘insert new’ button and on the ‘upload map background’ button. Make sure to respect the size instructions.

When the simulation is displayed to an end-user, the background map is always visible behind all other elements. It is darkened when the steps are active, and it’s fully visible when there is no step active, to let the user interact with it.
The map can be there just for a design purpose or to make the experience more interactive.

To make your map interactive, you can add some map items. To do so, you can click on the ‘insert new’ button and choose among the following possibilities:

Insert text : Text fields that can be placed anywhere on the background map.

Insert button : Menu & fullscreen buttons that can be placed anywhere on the map. These buttons are customizable in the settings menu (Text, color…)

Insert map area : It is a ‘graphic’ file that can be uploaded. It can be used to materialize places, objects, places of interest on your background map. The size has to be defined previously in a software such as Adobe photoshop.

insert message pad : It is a predefined map zone group in which you can find 4 different existing map zones (Email, Voicemail, Characters & Action file)

Insert dashboard : It is a place where you can display 2 scores (variables), the progress bar and the timer of the simulation if needed. It is already designed and can be accorded with the message pad.

Insert scores : Scores displays can be placed anywhere on the background map. you can choose the aspect between 3 types: Gauge, bar and number.

You can organize and place your map items as you want on the background map by drag and dropping them.
By clicking on the ‘clear the map’ button, you can remove all map items if you want to start again from scratch.

You can also decide not to use a map in your simulation. In this case, all the steps should be automatically displayed.

Click here to see how to create a 'map based' simulation

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