1. Introduction

What is Qigu Play?

Qigu Play allows you to easily build results-focused business simulations online. This intuitive tool gives your team the freedom to explore and develop their sense of strategy, business acumen, and financial skills. Qigu Play provides insightful data and real-time user feedback to help align your team on strategy.

Qigu Play Builder

Using our Qigu Play builder, you can easily create your own simulation in a few minutes. You can customize it with your branding guidelines, personalize the look and feel. You can even add multi languages. The numerous features available in the builder allows you to preview it to see your progress.

Qigu Play Player

The Qigu Play player is the engine that allows you to play the simulation as a user. On the Player, everything that has been created and designed in the builder is displayed to the user view. The builder is the hidden engine, the player is the visible result of the Simulation. The Qigu player is responsive (desktop, tablet, smartphone) so you can adapt the experience.


You can use simulations to capture and analyse datas. A graph builder system is also available to allow you to set one or multiple graphs that will be displayed to the user at the end of the simulation.

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