2.1. Waiting room

The waiting room is the landing page of the Qigu Play builder.
It is the place where you can find the current version and all previous published versions of your simulation.
It is also the place where you can add and choose the languages you need for your simulation.

Different tools are available on this page:

Preview simulation (play icon) : Have an end-user view on the simulation.

View builder (eye icon) : Enter the builder without having the possibility to edit anything.

Edit simulation (spanner icon) : Enter the builder and edit whatever you want in the simulation. (only on current draft)

Edit text (text icon) : Enter the builder and edit the texts inside the scenario steps (limited to the text edition, only on the published versions)

Duplicate this version (folder icon) : Duplicate the last version in order to make a different version starting from the current edition (only on current draft)

Update draft to latest version (upload icon) : Update the current version with the chosen version (only on published versions)

Lock (lock icon) : Stop any edition on the simulation

Note: The current version is the version you are working on but not the version available for the end-user. The version available for the end-user has to be published and linked directly in the distribution groups. All versions published can be chosen in a dropdown menu.

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