2.2. File menu

The file menu allows you to preview & save your content during the building phase of your simulation.

Click on the ‘File’ menu to access the preview button. It allows you to see the user view of your content as you are still in the builder. (You can also use the play icon shortcut at the top right of your screen)
Click on the ‘save’ button to save your progress in the builder (You can also use the disk icon shortcut at the top right of your screen).
Click on the ‘save & publish’ button to save your progress and publish a new version of your simulation. (You can also use the publish icon shortcut at the top right of your screen) This version will become available in the list that can be displayed to the user. You will be able to find this version on the waiting room list. It will also automatically create a new draft version that you will be able to continue to work on.
Click on the ‘save & close’ button to save your work and exit the builder. By doing so, you will be redirected to the waiting room page.

Note that there is a frequent auto-save when you are in the builder. The best practice is still to click on the save icons or to go in the file menu and save your work before quitting the builder to make sure your latest progress is recorded.

Click here to see how to publish your simulation

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