2.8. Settings menu

The settings menu is where you can edit the general settings of your simulation.
For example: the global look and feel of the content, the first screen and last screen descriptions and more...

In Qigu Play, you are able to customize the simulation in many ways, in order to make it unique, according to your graphic identity.
The settings tab allows you to set the global design of your simulation.

In this section, you can easily:

  • Update the simulation Name
  • Manage the generic translations, which includes the standard texts that are originally in the different simulation screens.
  • Choose the ‘end of round’ settings you want to set for your simulation ( Display feedback page, variable page, order and type of display)
  • Accord the design (colors, fonts, buttons forms …) with your graphic identity using a dynamic example that displays directly all the changes.

Click here to see how to create and customize the simulation structure

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