3.5. Link, activation and step status

Links between steps are all about activation rights and step status updates given from one step to one or multiple other steps. These links are materialised on the work area by different kinds of lines linking the steps together.
Each step has a status that changes during the simulation depending on the activations applied through the links.
Depending on its status, a step is displayed, hidden or just listed in a map area. The scenario flow is based on the step status.

There are 5 different step status possible:

Not viewed: The step exists in the scenario but is not displayed and has not been viewed
Listed: The step has been activated by another step (and/or a variable) and is listed in a map area or in the message pad. The user has to click on it to display it. There can be several steps listed in the same map area at the same time.
Listed and displayed immediately: The step is listed and will be displayed immediately after the step on which the user is.
Viewed: The step has been accessed but the user didn’t finish it. It is the case if the step is postponed or if the step is displayed permanently for i.e.
Done: The step has been accessed and passed by the user.

At the beginning of the scenario all steps have a ‘not viewed’ status, except the first step of the round that is automatically displayed.
To make a step the first of the round, go to the ‘ACTIVATION’ menu and turn the toggle ‘first step of the round on’. You can only have one first step for each round.
And thanks to the live preview, you can see directly the results on our example.

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