3.7. Add feedbacks to steps

Feedback is displayed to the user as a result of a decision they took. The goal is to give the user additional information with regards to their choices and answers.
Feedbacks are represented by a text you are able to customize and format for each of the available options for a step.

To add feedback to an option, navigate to the “Options” tab of your step. Within each option you will find an “Option feedback” text-field. Use this input to write the corresponding feedback if the user chooses this option.

Once you have written your feedback, it will automatically appear in the “End of round feedback screen” at the end of the simulation.
You can also decide to display this feedback immediately after the user completes the step by activating the “Active display feedback immediately” toggle in the “General” tab from this step.
And thanks to the live preview, you can see directly the results on our example.

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