3.8. How to add a simple score impact

In order to impact a variable in the scenario, you need to have at least one variable created in the ‘variables menu’ (link to the variable paragraph).
There are multiple ways to impact variables in a simulation:

  • By a decision made by the user.
  • Automatically, at the end of a step.
  • By another variable.

In this chapter, we are going to see how to impact a variable following a decision made by the user.
This is the most common use of the variables, when a variable represents a classic score.

To make a decision impact a variable, you need to have the step (It needs to be an action step) opened in the builder. In the option menu of the step, you’ll be able to add a variable impact.
Choose the variable you want to impact in the dropdown menu (All variables created in the variables menu will appear in this dropdown), select the operator and indicate the number which will create the increase/decrease.
In this case, the variable impact is now linked to the option that you added it to. This means that if the user chooses this option, this variable will be impacted following the rules you entered.
And thanks to the live preview, you can see directly the results on our example.

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