4.1. Upload a background map

The background map is a picture that you can upload and that will be visible on background during the whole simulation.
When there are active steps it will appear darkened and behind the steps.
If there are no active steps, for example when you need to interact with the map (see 4.2), it will appear exactly as it was uploaded at first, eventually covered by some interactive map items.

The format to respect for any background image is a .jpg file from 1920*1080 pixels for a 16:9 display which is the most common, or a .jpg file from 1366*1024 for a 4:3 display which corresponds to the old square screens.

You can upload any image you want. It can be a photo, a world map, an office 3d environment, a vertical cut of a building etc...The only limit is your imagination.

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