5.4. Create custom graphs for you and your users

Qigu Play is automatically able to display any variable of your simulation as a bar-chart at the end of your simulation. You are able to customize the variable that should be displayed (or not) by going through each variable within the “Variables” tab from your simulation builder.

To give you more flexibility and go further into analysing results, we have developed the “Graph-Builder”. This tool allows you to build your own data report by creating graphs with real-time data, to be displayed to you (aggregated) or to users (on a personal level).
Go to your simulation back-office and click on “Add graphs” to access this tool.

Within the Graph-Builder you are able to create graphs for two different roles:

  • Client: these graphs will be displayed to you only.
  • Participant: these graphs will be displayed to each user based on their own data once they have completed the simulation.

Click on “Add graph” to create a new graph. The wizard will guide you step by step to help you build the graph you need, on the data you need and displayed the way you need it. Any graph you add can be updated or deleted later.
Do not forget to save your graphs before exiting the tool (save button in the up-right corner).

Important: if you change the structure of your simulation (using the simulation builder), you will need to create your graphs again. Graphs always only work for a specific simulation version. Knowing this, make sure to work on your graphs only once your simulation is final.

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