Simple & Powerful Learning Suite

Blended Learning to E-Learning

With Qigu Learning Management System and Qigu Content Authoring Tools, give your training a boost to gain in efficiency and design for best digital learning experiences.

Simple & Powerful Learning Suite

Blended Learning to E-Learning

Avec le LMS Qigu et les outils de création de contenu Qigu, donnez un coup de pouce à votre formation pour gagner en efficacité et concevoir les meilleures expériences d’apprentissage numérique.

Trusted by talented teams in France and around the globe

Easily create powerful training with Qigu

With our gorgeous interface, helpful templates system, and extensive capabilities, it's easy for anyone on your team to create courses, guides, performance support, and other training content.

Simple & enjoyable training interface

Give your participant a learning experience they'Il actually enjoy. Training created in Qigu is simple, beautiful, interactive, and engaging. And it adapts perfectly to every device.

All-in-one system to manage your training

Our all-in-one Qigu system makes it simple to create, deliver, manage and analyze engaging trainings. With our dedicated interface for Learners, Trainers, Mentors, Creators and Analysts, create and mange traings like you never did before.

Turn Knowledge into Action

Qigu allows you to understand whether your learning experiences are effective at driving people to take actions that positively impact the results.

Translate content and stories in any language.
Multi-device Access
Journeys are available from any device.
SSO Compatible
Single sign-on compatible to integrate with your tools.
ISO Certified
We are proud to be ISO 27001 and 9001 certified.
Corporate Branding
Integrate your corporate identity for a customized experience.
GDPR Ready
We value your privacy and are GDPR compliant.
Device Authentification
We recognize and authenticate your devices for increased security.
Accessible Everywhere
Experiences are available worldwide.

You only need a content authoring tool?

You have already an LMS or you don’t need to have one? Go for Qigu content authoring tools. You can choose to either use our global solution with everything included, or only the content authoring tools.

All-In-One Global Learning Solution

Simulation & Serious Game

Quiz & Forms

360 Assessement

Action Tracking Tool

Click on icons to learn more about each content authoring tool.

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