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Qigu Rate is a user-friendly tool that builds corporate assessments in no time. Pre-hire, managing & coaching, team building, wellness, surveys & audits – the range of assessments is wide.

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Qigu Rate build corporate assessments
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Qigu Rate create assessments in minutes

Create Assessments in Minutes

With the Qigu Rate builder, select from a range of question options to build customized assessments and surveys with ease.

You are welcome to add your own images, colors, texts, and videos to make them unique and engaging!

Share with Individuals & Groups

You can easily share your assessments and surveys with individuals and groups by using a simple web link. No need for users to login or be pre-registered – they simply add their details before starting and are ready to go!
Qigu Rate share assessments with individual and groups
Qigu Rate powerful and automated assessments made easy

Customized Reports

Responses and results are automatically collected and aggregated for you. Qigu Rate will also automatically generate a customized user-friendly report, available for each of your users and downloadable as a PDF.
Qigu Rate on any device

Answer on Any Device

Qigu Rate assessments are highly responsive and automatically adapt to any device, including smartphones and tablets.
Qigu Rate international in any language


Customize the text in your assessments and surveys into any language, for worldwide distribution.
Qigu Rate assessment templates


Get started straight away with our selection of assessment templates that you can customize in no time!

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Set up in minutes. No credit card required.