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Qigu Drive provides you with all the tools and features you need to make from your journey an incredible learning experience.

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Intuitive tools to create your learning experience

Our program-builder is a powerful tool that allows you to create and structure your learning experience.

Organise contents and notifications on a time scale and personalise the experience for your learners by displaying content based on individual completion, profiling and results.

Create and manage your own content library to easily re-use and personalise any content in any of your experiences.

Qigu Drive takes care of your rollout automatically!

Integrated authoring tools to create your content

Qigu Drives comes with a set of integrated tools that allows you to create the best content adapted to your journey.

Every content is unique: our builders are flexible and easy to use. Think about the best content to use and create it directly in Qigu Drive:

  • Medias
  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • And more…
  • Surveys
  • Task-lists
  • Simulations

Each content automatically collects learners’ results and aggregates them for you.

Powerful distribution mechanisms

Provide learners with the information they need, when they need it and how they need it!

Qigu Drive integrates into daily tools and is available on any device: learners can access their content on smartphone, tablet and desktop anytime.

With the various distribution mechanisms available, you can create unique experiences for each learner: give them access to specific content & notifications depending on their progress and results. The destination is the same, but each journey can be unique…

Share objectives and drive action

Learners need goals and actions to achieve better results.

With Qigu Drive, define the objectives of your learning experience and get your learners to clearly understand how to achieve them. As they progress, drive them into taking actions aligned to the defined objectives.

Learners get reminded to complete their actions and keep track on how they progress Thanks to the social aspect of Qigu Drive, actions can be shared with other peers to receive feedback, support and encouragement!

With our content recommendation system, link the objectives to specific content pieces that support each learner into achieving his goal.

Automatic dashboards and custom reports

Compliance and measurement are crucial for monitoring a great learning experience.

Qigu Drive provides automatic dashboards that aggregate important data in real-time for you.

It also comes with a set of tools that allow you to create your own data reports: select the data you need, how you want it to be displayed and you are ready to go.

Each report can be displayed to different stakeholders:

  • Show learners how they performed
  • Display aggregated data to the trainer
  • Show the impact on the objectives to executives

Smart features to optimise your work

Don’t spend time creating the same contents again and again.

With Qigu Drive you can manage your own library of content. Just duplicate the contents you already have and adapt them to your new learning experiences: it’s easy and it only takes a few seconds.

We also think about optimising your rollout! Create your learning experience once and just share it between different groups of learners. Your journey gets duplicated automatically.

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