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Bring your learning experiences to the next level by managing every piece of it. Connect trainers and learners to their learning journey and focus on what matters: achieving amazing results by taking actions.

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1. Sculpt an engaging learning experience

Transform your trainings into a unique journey driven by objectives and actions. Get your participants to fully engage in a digital experience and achieve amazing results.

2. Create the right content for your learners

A great learning experience is made out of great ingredients! Use our powerful tools to create a high variety of content and integrate them easily into your learning experience.

3. Share the right content, at the right time and in the right way

Easy to access, easy to distribute! Learners gain access to the content they need when they need it: Just program your learning journey and everything runs automatically.

4. Drive actions for better results

We believe in actions! Align your learners with the objectives of your learning journey, and drive them into taking meaningful/SMART* actions. Help learners to achieve their goals and measure the impact of their actions on the training results. * Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-oriented.

5. Monitor & measure

Measure in real time to monitor efficiently! Follow progression and results of your learners in real-time, and accompany them to their success. Involve all stakeholders in the learning journey for more engagement and better follow-ups.

6. Re-use and improve

Improvement is the key of success! Re-use what you built and improve it as you receive feedback from your learners. Improve and adapt your journey as you go for an even better experience.
Qigu Drive international in any language


Translate content and stories in any language.
Qigu Drive on any device

Multi-device Access

Journeys are available from any device.
Qigu Drive SSO Single sign-on compatible

SSO Compatible

Single sign-on compatible to integrate with your tools.
Qigu Drive ISO certified

ISO Certified

We are proud to be ISO 27001 and 9001 certified.
Qigu Drive integrate corporate branding

Corporate Branding

Integrate your corporate identity for a customized experience.
Qigu Drive GDPR compliant

GDPR Ready

We value your privacy and are GDPR compliant.
Qigu Drive device authentication

Device Authentication

We recognize and authenticate your devices for increased security.
Qigu Drive accessible everywhere

Accessible Everywhere

Experiences are available worldwide.

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