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Build customized learning scenarios and engaging quizzes effortlessly with Qigu Check. This simple tool offers your team quick and easy-to-understand lessons or tests their knowledge, while collecting data on how they perform.

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Qigu Check interactive learnings and quizzes
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Qigu Check build result-focused learning scenarios

Build Learning Scenarios in Minutes

We provide a powerful and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create results-focused learning scenarios and quizzes – in just minutes!

Customize Your content

It’s quick and easy to add your branding, images, and videos to make your content even more engaging for users.
Qigu Check brand and customize your content
Qigu Check build interactive learnings and quizzes

Integrate Quizzes & Feedback

With our range of question options to select from, you can create interactive and challenging quizzes to integrate into your training toolbox. Take your quizzes to the next level by adding customized feedback for each question! This is a practical learning tool that provides your users with immediate and relevant feedback to their answers.

Collect the Data You Need

With the flexible approach of Qigu Check, create your own scoring system to collect the data you need, just the way you need it! Use Qigu Check to:
  • Measure success.
  • Conduct data profiling.
  • Test skills & knowledge.
  • and more…
Qigu Check collect data and measure success
Qigu Check customize your reports to analyze data

Customized Reports

Use our step-by-step tool to create customized reports. With Qigu Check, you can:
  • Make graphs for yourself and for users.
  • Display scores and decisions.
  • Choose the graph format you prefer.
  • Use built-in push buttons for easy setup.
Qigu Check on any device

Play on any device

Qigu Check content is highly responsive and automatically adapts to any device, including smartphones and tablets.
Qigu Check international in any language


Translate the text in your learning scenarios and quizzes into any language of your choice, for worldwide distribution.
Qigu Check templates


Get started straight away with our selection of learning scenario and quiz templates that you can customize in no time!
Qigu Check give users immediate feedback


Qigu Check automatically generates feedback and results summary pages for users.

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Set up in minutes. No credit card required.