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Qigu Play build effective business simulations online

Build Simulations in Minutes

Discover a powerful and intuitive interface to easily create simulations in minutes.

What you see is what you get:

  • Nothing to install, everything is directly available in your browser.
  • Set up and customize items as you imagine them.
  • Visualize your scenario and possible pathways at a glance. Preview your simulations in one click as you are working.
  • Never lose your work with our version manager and automatic saves.

Make Simulations Pop

Customize the look and feel of your simulations:

  • Add your own icons.
  • Select any colors you want.
  • Customize fonts.
  • Add images and videos throughout the scenario.
  • Recreate any environment by adding interactive map backgrounds.
  • Add character profiles.
Qigu Play powerful simulation builder
Qigu Play creating high-quality scenarios

Design high-Quality Scenarios

The Qigu Play builder is flexible – you can create any scenario that you want! From simple and linear stories, to complex and detailes decision pathways, use the builder to:

  • Add steps to your scenario in just a few clicks.
  • Create relationships between steps to easily draw your storyline.
  • Set up immediate feedback for users, depending on their choices & answers.
  • Qigu Play automatically applies your design & setup to create an interactive and attractive user experience.

Use Our Library of Steps

We have a type of step for every situation:

  • Basic step: display information and knowledge.
  • Decisions (single & multiple): ask users to make one or multiple decisions.
  • Emails & Voicemails: simulate a real-life digital interaction.
  • Discussions & Meetings: simulate real-life, face-to-face interactions.
  • Ordering & Bucketing: ask users to rank and categorize items.
  • Data Input & Display: collect numerical inputs from users and display specific data.
Qigu Play a powerful library of steps
Qigu Play create your own scoring system and measure success

Create Customized Scoring Systems

Customize your scoring systems for data collection, profiling, measuring impacts, and more:

  • Create your own scoring and link it to steps & decisions.
  • User’s decisions and progress can impact scores in real-time!
  • Apply automatic calculations to scores.
  • Create a relational scoring system to link scores together.

Build Customized Reports

Use our step-by-step tool to create your customized reports:

  • Create reports for you and your users.
  • Display scores and decisions.
  • Make graphs for yourself and for users.
  • Use built-in push buttons for easy setup.
Qigu Play create your own reports
Qigu Play on any device

Multi-device Access

The Qigu Play player is highly responsive and automatically adapts to any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Qigu Play international in all languages


Customize the text in your simulations to any language, for worldwide distribution.

Qigu Play add character profiles


Add character profiles to your scenario and have them interact with users.

Qigu Play give users immediate feedback


Qigu Play automatically generates a feedbacks & results summary page for users.

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