Our pricing

Our offers accompany you in your development, they are thus competitive and without limit of function or use.


Starting at 100 participants
4 per participant / month
  • 5 trainers or more
  • 20 managers or more
  • 100 participants or more


Starting at 500 participants
3 per participant / month
  • 25 trainers or more
  • 100 managers or more
  • 500 participants or more


Starting at 1000 participants
per participant / month
  • 50 trainers or more
  • 200 managers or more
  • 1000 participants or more

Less than 100 participants?

Our offer allows you to be autonomous and to invest in the development of your company. However, if you have less than 100 participants, you can take advantage of a shared subscription offer from our trusted partner Humonio.


Experts in the digitalization of content and training


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And our features?

Here is a list of our features, some are popular, some others make us unique.



Distribute without limit

We don't want to hinder your growth

Smartphone app

Mobile & Web


All the time, everywhere, for a global impact. Compatible with all the latest browsers, Android and iOS


Your own corporate identity

Your own corporate identity

Customize the entire participant experience to your image. From the domain name, to the email, the logo and the colors.

Video conferencing


Videoconference calls

Without any additional subscription, no configuration or installation, you can simply program or start a videoconference session spontaneously.

Authoring tools

For each experience


Create your questionnaires, assessments, simulations and even training programs with our drag & drop authoring tools.




So that each actor can analyze and support the success of your learning experiences

Adaptive Learning

Maximum engagement

To each his own experience

Even if the objective remains the same, imagine your learner profile and automate a fully personalized experience. All thanks to an intuitive interface.


And certificats


Create your own reward system and distribute badges and dated certificates that can be customized and downloaded.

Dedicated interfaces

For each actor of the training

To each his own interface

When the learner lives the experience, the trainer creates and coaches, the administrator measures and manages and the mentor follows and encourages


External content

External content

Beyond simple documents, distribute standard content like Scorm, iFrame, xApi, cmi5 and many others.


Push & Web


Communicate automatically with your learners through their apps. But most importantly, communicate at the right time.

Single sign-on

SAML 2.0

Secure access

Simplify and secure access to the platform for your customers through the integration of their respective SSO. Compatible with SAML 2.0


Open and secure

Third party integrations

Create your online sales site and automatically register your participants on Qigu. Feed information back into your CRM, and much more.


International 24 / 7

We are here for you

French, English, German, we are here to help you. From Strasbourg, France on the European continent, or from Montreal on the American continent.


ISO 27001

Security, integrity, availability

Our ISO27001 certified development process ensures a high level of service.


Gain access to a knowledge base

The journey is yours

Our goal is to empower you. That's why we train you and provide you with lifetime access to a knowledge base to get the most out of using Qigu.