At Qigu, we have found that in-company training, when the trainee's manager is involved in the training process, engagement and success rates increase significantly.
We have therefore created an interface dedicated to the manager that allows him to accompany and engage his employees during the training.
Stand out to your customers by adding value to your training!

Facilitate the connection between a manager and his direct reports

The participant can invite his manager to join Qigu via his personal interface.

The manager then gets access to the manager platform where he will find the progress and results of his direct reports.

Managers take part in the success of their direct reports

They have an overview of their employees' career path as well as a detailed view of the different content they can access. 

They are able to send reminders or connect with participants if necessary.

They contribute to the improvement and application of learning

They can give feedback to their direct reports and evaluate them.

They can also monitor the initiatives taken by these employees and ensure that they are supported in carrying out their actions.

Qigu report

They receive a personalised report

Yet another tool for the manager to use?

No problem, he doesn't need to log in: Qigu sends a regular automatic report by email.

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