Participants interface


Participants are at the heart of every learning experience.
The participant interface, which is the one your customers will connect to, has been designed and created to meet your needs, but also theirs.
Thanks to an intuitive and uncluttered design, the participant is in the thick of things from the very first moment of connection.

An attractive and immersive interface design

Qigu's participant interface is sexy and clean, while maintaining a modern and intuitive design.

It can be adapted to your image (logo, colours...) for a personalised experience.
We want your customers to feel like they are connecting directly to your home!

The participant is placed at the centre of his journey

The participant's course is a journey, which adapts to his profile, his progress and his needs.

It is an evolutionary journey through which he will be able to progress naturally, at his own pace.

Easy and engaging access

Participants can log in to their course on their computer, tablet or smartphone with a few clicks...

Participant engagement is key: thanks to notifications and automatic emails, participants are fully aware of their level of progress in their courses and do not hesitate to return.

Results at a glance

Participants can access the results of their learning content at any time.

They can, directly via their interface, find their badges, their scores and thus keep an eye on their progress throughout the course.

A unique feature to let the participant take the initiative

Whether it is an imposed action, recommended by the course, or the participant's own will, the functionality to create actions encourages the participant to engage and apply what they have learned.

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