You are the superuser of your Qigu! environment (and you can share this power with your colleagues) You have access to the entire platform to configure your environment, manage users and their roles, create your content and training programs, monitor results and much more... Your main tasks as an administrator are:

Configure your Qigu environment

Adapt the Qigu environment to your image!

Use your colours and logos and give your employees access to simple and effective teamwork.

Manage your pathways & your users

Qigu is an intuitive and powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your courses and content in an intuitive way.

It is easy to set up and integrate.

Manage your users & sessions

From your courses, manage your training sessions and give access to your participants and trainers.

No need to search everywhere, everything is just a click away.

Make your administrative work easier

Administrative tasks are often cumbersome and redundant!

Qigu makes it easy for you to generate what you need in just one click.

Track the progress of your courses

Stay close to your participants and follow their progress and success in real time.

Personalized support for convincing results!

Manage your licences/payment methods

Do you have the onerous task of managing everyone's licences?

Don't worry, Qigu provides you with a full monthly report on your consumption and that of your customers.

Want to know more about all possibilities offered by Qigu?