Coordinator interface


You are the creator of the learning experience.
Your role is to structure your training programmes and integrate your best learning contents.
Use the power of Qigu to create an intuitive and engaging learning experience while keeping your participants' attention.

Create and manage your training catalogue

Get a global view of all your training programmes! You can edit, create, duplicate each of your programmes individually.

Design your ideal programs

Structure your training courses to create the ideal learning experience: E-learning, blended learning, face-to-face training... Adapt the course to your participants and choose whether to give them access to all the training content from the start of the experience, or to unlock your content based on time, completion or the results obtained by each participant.

Create brand new learning contents

The Qigu ecosystem provides you with all the tools you need to create the content you need: questionnaires, feedback, quizzes and even serious games.
Reuse and grow your content easily and collaboratively with your team.

Distribute your program to everyone where they are

Distribute your learning experience easily to all your participants, who will be able to connect to the platform through the dedicated web interface or the smartphone application.
And with built-in notifications, participant engagement is guaranteed!

Manage communications manually and automatically

Send your communications manually or use the power of Qigu to automate the entire process: it's your choice!

Support your users

Stay close to your participants and be ready to respond to their requests thanks to the ticket system integrated in the platform.

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