Our Vision​

"A world in which all training transforms its participants"

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The field of training is constantly evolving and its development is still in its infancy!

At Qigu, we have identified concepts that we believe are critical to the success of learning experiences, both in terms of the experience itself and in terms of the engagement of participants and the outcomes that are expected.

Based on our 10 years of experience, we focus on the following concepts:


Each learning experience should be unique and adapted to the profile of the participants
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Each learning experience should make the participants actors of their transformation
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Each learning experience must be measurable, productive and shareable
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Our Mission

Developing innovative digital tools to transform participants through personalised learning and initiative for training organisations. and initiative, for the benefit of training organisations.

Our Mission

Our Ideas

Our Ideas

Our Values


Taking pleasure in our daily work and communicating it to those around us

human relationships

Putting people at the heart of each project


Be creative, try to do better all the time


Be open to new trends without being complacent


Being present and available when we are needed


Getting involved and sharing strengths and experience

It's time for you to take action!