Facilitator interface


The role of the facilitator is to run the training courses you create as well as to follow the participants and give them help and advice.
Whether your facilitators are internal or external to your company, they get personalised access to Qigu to help them fulfil their tasks. 

Invitation to facilitate a session

The facilitator, in the same way as the participants, is notified of the start of a training session and receives, via Qigu, all the information necessary for it to run (location, dates, schedule, etc.)

Getting to know the participants and the program

The facilitator gets to know the profile of the participants in his or her session, and can make contact with the participants before starting.

Monitoring progress and results

He can monitor the progress of participants globally or individually, see their results and, if necessary, follow up or interact with them. 

Using Qigu in workshops

Qigu provides facilitators with all the tools they need for a successful training session: attendance sheet, integrated videoconferencing tool, specific training content, feedback (satisfaction survey), real-time interaction (beamers), etc. 

Tailoring the course to your audience

The role of the facilitator is to run the pre-created session, but he can also intervene on certain elements during the training session: registering one or several participants at the last minute, modifying the teams, adding specific content and making it available at the right time... 

Using the action tool

The action tool allows the facilitator to accompany the participants and ensure that they apply what they have learned beforehand.
It can monitor and encourage participants' initiatives throughout the training course.

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