Boost your trainings

We have designed an all-in-one platform that allows you to create, distribute and manage your training experiences from A to Z.

1. Digitize your content in one place
2. Create your training programs & engage your participants
3. Automate communications & reminders
4. Collect results and automate your reports
5. Lead your participant along their journey in real time
6. Measure success & return on investment

Why Qigu ?

Save Time & energy!

- Automate your emails & reminders
- Rollout your training programs automatically
- Receive automated dashboards & reports
- Follow progress in real time

Innovative experiences for your clients

- Qigu adapts to your unique methodology & brand
- Your journeys adapt to your participants
- Measure a return on investment

Go digital with peace in mind

- We share our experiences & best practices with you
- Our teams guide you for an optimized process
- Our experts can create your projects for you

Training is your business. Digital is ours.

At Qigu, we believe that taking actions during the training process allows participants to truly apply what what they learn. 

This is why we designed tools that allow leaners to create and follow concrete actions along their journey.

Some amazing features for you:

  • Available on all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
  • Integrated video-conferencing tools
  • ISO certificated
  • Ready to use dashboards
  • Intuitive program builder
  • A ready to use content library
  • Adapted to any type of training (digital, fate-to-face, blended)
  • GDPR compliant
  • Integrated content authoring tools
  • Dedicated interfaces for your trainers
  • Social learning

Only love for Qigu 🚀