Covid-19 – Raising employee awareness through interactive training

A unique context

The health crisis linked to COVID-19 has had a major impact on the professional world in 2020 and continues to have an impact on the organisation of work within the companies.
Professional environments have to be adapted to the current situation in order to remain competitive.
This includes the democratisation of remote work, a dematerialisation of the process and an in-depth digital transformation of the operating models.

Constraints to be respected

The sensitive issue of returning to work after a period of short-time working or remote work is still relevant today for many employees around the world. Companies do not always have time or means at their disposal to communicate effectively with their employees on this subject in order to take adequate safety measures.

Each company is legally required to take all necessary measures to ensure safety and protect the physical and mental health of employees within the organization.
Each company is also strongly encouraged to make its employees aware of the importance of complying with the rules and measures taken by the company as well as with all measures recommended by the Government and Ministry of Labor.

Innovative solutions to learn and adapt

This is one of the reasons why we have created the simulation: Covid-19 – Back to work

This is an interactive simulation that has been created with one of our tools – Qigu Play – to get the participant involved and that allows you to easily turn various scenarios into an interactive experience.

This digital experience allows each company to raise its employees awareness and to test them on good practice at work, whether after a period of inactivity or on a recurring basis.

To see a preview of the simulation, play the video below. Try the experience by yourself, click on  ‘Play simulation‘, it’s completely free.

Also try our quiz on the management of contact case*:

*A contact case is a person who has been in contact with a positive case of Covid-19.

These experiences were created with the tools of the Qigu suite (Qigu Play & Qigu Check).

They are the fruit of our internal reflection on the 2020 health crisis. Do not hesitate to create your own experience of any kind on Qigu Play: and on Qigu Check:

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