LMS or LXP? What to choose?

lms vs lxp

Having a training platform has become essential to ensure a relevant and efficient follow-up of the learners. All the more so in the current context of integrating digital tools into daily work and encouraging teleworking.

There are today different “types” of platforms that allow training on computers and smartphones, but it is important to know their specificities in order to be properly equipped.

By equipping yourself with the right tools, you will make the difference and see a real impact on your learners!

LMS and LXP, two trendy acronyms

Today we hear a lot about LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform). Although the two seem intimately linked, they actually have a fundamental difference that will help guide your choice.

Here is an overview of the two types of platforms and the need they address. If you are looking for a platform, it is best to do a thorough study to ensure that you find the solution that meets your needs.

The LMS: a content library

LMS platforms are designed to make training content available to learners. This is similar to a library of training and knowledge that learners can access.

The main focus is on the ability for learners to access training and learning content online. The LMS will then be able to list the learners and the content they have completed.

This tool makes perfect sense for centralizing the knowledge of companies in the same place, for monitoring their interests and access to knowledge, or for ensuring compliance with certain standards.

LXP: learner-centered

After the LMS came the LXP. This solution was created to meet the needs of digital training and to better focus on the experience brought to learners and trainers.

Thus, LXP delivers learning experiences designed specifically for learners, with the goal of taking them from point A to point B. In particular, it will include the ability to deliver different types of learning content, tests and immersive experiences (video, articles, simulations, quizzes…).

Emphasis will be placed here on the ability to accompany learners in a change, and to measure this change. In addition, it will allow trainers to complete their training according to the chosen format:

  • Individual coaching
  • Face to face trainings
  • Digital training in video conferencing
  • Events

LXP at Qigu

At Qigu, we believe we can boost learner performance by providing the right content, at the right time and in the right way.