Qigu @ Learning Technologies London 2021 – Virtual Event

Postponed “LT21UK” AND Virtual Event

As you know, Learning Technologies London 2021, the world famous digital fair will be postponed to the 9th and 10th June, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead a virtual event will be organized. Take action today and discover what’s new in the digital learning industry.

From Offline to Online – Digital Learning

Forced to adapt because of COVID, a lot of events, trainings, businesses are turning digital today. With Qigu, take the advantage of an All-In-One solution allowing you to empower your learning experiences. Qigu is made out of a proven technology which is already used for more than 10 years by multiple companies.

Don’t worry, Qigu will be on both events

Don’t worry, you will be able to connect with us on both the virtual AND the postponed event of Learning Technologies London 2021. We are ready to show you all the amazing solutions of Qigu. Discover how our digital tools complement one another to provide the best digital learning experience, without sacrificing the quality of your face to face trainings.

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Take learning to next level… with Qigu Drive

Check out our All-In-One-Solution Qigu Drive – which enables you to create outstanding experiences for your learners without any limits.

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